Since the establishment in 1980, LEAP Electronic has been a leading provider of electronics solutions globally, especially in the fields of manual/automated device programming/testing, offering universal IC programmers, manual programmers, automated programmers for NAND Flash, Nor Flash, Microcontroller, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, PLD, eMMC, eMCP, SRAM, IC testers, CPLD and FPGA trainers, Logic Analyzers, Surge Testers, Impulse Winding Testers, Eprom Erasers, eMMC Programmers and Customized Handlers.

LEAP designed the first ever digital IC tester in Taiwan back in the early 80s, the first modularized gang programmer in the 90s and has since been a leader introducing newly developed products following the trend of electronics industry ahead of its competitors.

With its strong engineering experiences, LEAP does not limit its product range to only device programming & testing, but expands as much as it can to catch up with the world trend of semiconductor industry and meet the requirements of customers. The years' development of LEAP's well known educational equipment and test & measurement instruments enhances its profession in the field of active/passive component related application. LEAP strives to offer complete solutions to this field, delivering cutting-edge technology of its name.

Over the years we have found the rising needs for automation and been focusing on providing customized automation solutions to EMS factories worldwide to help them better their manufacturing methods and simply squeeze out more profits.

To help our customers obtain products and services of best quality, we put a lot of emphasis on our internal procedures and managed to receive the ISO-9001 Quality System Certification. All of our products are made in Taiwan in compliance with RoHS & CE requirements.

LEAP headquarters are located in Taiwan and we have set sales locations throughout mainland China with international distributors spanning every country for your soonest support & services. Our goal is pretty simple─to help customers make profits, and this is what we have been offering over 35 years.

Universal Programmer

Leaptronix has got over 35 years' experience in device programmers for NAND Flash, Nor Flash, Microcontroller, MCU, CPLD, FPGA, PLD, eMMC, eMCP, SRAM..etc. in various package such as BGA, QFP, QFN, USON, WSON, WLCSP...etc.

automated programming systtem

Handling Systems

We design our handling systems such as automated programmer, packing changer, and AOI inspection system, from scratch and pride ourselves in the patent rotary robotic arm for the fastest pick & place process.

surge tester

Surge Tester

Surge tester, also known as impulse winding tester, is used for ensuring the quality coherence of magnetic coils, the application of which is so wide ranged that it offers tremendous market for this kind of testing requirements.

fpga board

Training Kits

We offer various training kits such as FPGA/MCU/Solar Power/RFID training board, IC Tester, Logic Analyzer, Digital Oscilloscope for the requirements of electronics labs.