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IWT-1000L surge tester

IWT-1000L is an Impulse Winding / Surge Tester specially designed for ultra low inductance coil testing, offering programmable DC test voltage from 10V to 1000V with extremely high sampling rate at 200MHz. The inductance range to be tested is from O.luH up to SOmH, which covers nearly all that of various coil DUTs including high-power inductance, transformer, wireless charger coils … etc. The main purpose of IWT-1000 L is to find pre-exisiting defects, caused by poor winding, insulation, magnet parts, of components by comparing the waveform with that of the Master sample, and to ensure you of long-term reliable end products.
  • Ultra Low Test Inductance Range – O.luH.
  • 10V~1000V Programmable DC Voltage with minimum out-put energy that causes n odamages to DUTs.
  • High Sampling Rate at 200MHz for better detection of discharges.
  • Four Wavefrom Comparison methods AreaSize, DiffZone, Corona Amount, Corona Number Comparison for simple & fast testing.
  • Extremely Low Test Voltage Steps for best wavefrom analysis.
  • Two Coaxial 4-Wire Cables for most precise waveforms oflow inductance DUTs.
  • Intuitive result display of Pass/Fail icons.
  • Internal memory storage of 360 waveforms.
  • User-friendly operation interface.
  • Inductance differential voltage compensation function.
  • PC/PLC communication via standard RS-232 string command for building automated testing system.
  • PC connection via USB 2.0 & RS-232, capable of uploading waveforms and data to PC in Excel format for easy analysis and records.
  • External I/O(Handler) control via standard 15Pin D-Sub connector for automated system integration and direct foot switch of starting tests.
Test Voltage 10V ~ 1,000V
Inductance Range 0.1μH ~ 50mH
Out-put Energy 15mJ (Max)
Voltage Difference ± (3% of setting+10v) + 2% of range
Analysis Precision ± (3% of setting+2v) Basic
Sampling Rate 200MHz / 5ns
Sampling Memory 5,000 Bytes
In-put Resistance 10MΩ
Display 320 x 234, 5.6″ Color TFT LCD
Comparison Methods Area Size, Area Difference, Corona Amount, Corona Number
Waveform Storage 360 Waveforms
Result Display Pass/Fail, Alarm
Communication RS-232/USB2.0/External I/O (Direct Foot Switch) 
Operation Temp. 25°C ~ 40°C (77°F~104°F)
Power 90VAC ~ 260VAC
Frequency 50 / 60Hz
Dimension 310 x 150 x 180mm
Weight 4.5Kg (drift )
Operating System WinXP / Vista / 7 / 8 32 & 64Bit
Standard Accessories
  • Main Unit x1
  • HV Cable x1
  • Power Cable x1
  • RS-232 Cable x1
  • USB Cable x1
  • CD x1 (Including SW&Manual)

Optional Accessories

  • Foot Switch 
  • HV Cable

 Applicable Fields

  • High-Power Inductance
  • Power Choke
  • Transformer Coils
  • Wireless Charger Coils
  • SMD Small Inductance parts
  • All types of coil related products
  • Coil components Incoming Inspection 
  • TAGS


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