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Logic Analyzer FPGA/MCU Training Kit


Stand-Alone Logic Analyzer Series
Provide the best measurement solution
The LA-20 Logic Analyzer Series helps minimize users’ project risk by providing the most reliable, accurate data capture and a complete view of system behavior. Logic Analyzers are ideally suited for users on hardware/software debugging, parametric, mixed signal testing, and complex debugging.
Moreover, their compact size and ability to connect with a PC for analysis and data logging make them an ideal solution at remote sites.
Logic Analyzer :
  • External (synchronous) and internal (asynchronous) capture ꞉ Offer a more convenient environment for engineers.
  • Provide three sets of searching data functions and six cursor marks. The timing of each trigger point can be shown by the cursor mark.
  • Binary code and hexadecimal List mode (State) display.
  • Able to save measuring data and waveform results in stand-alone mode.
  • Offer I2C, SPI, UART and CAN signal decoding function on PC.
  • Provide various signal trigger and capture ꞉ Total of four kinds of trigger modes including Pattern/Edge/AND/OR.
  • Pre-trigger, post-trigger, 3 level trigger, and continued-trigger functions allow users to operate easily.
  • Bus analysis and glitch capture functions: 2M Bytes~4M Bytes long memory depth~each CH memory depth is up to 512 Kbits~1 Mbits.
  • The adjustable sample rate size can be set by users, which avoids long capturing time.
  • Provide “Trigger Counter” and “Pulse Wide Trigger” function.
  • High-speed Zoom In / Zoom Out techniques.
  • Logic Analyzer Logic Analyzer Smart software provides text file for saving the Binary Code of waveform results.
  • Compact, portable for engineers to perform debugging.
  • 5.6 inch TFT color LCD display.
  • USB 2.0 interface for PC link function, which can connect with PC for user to save, analyze, view and printout.
Data Logger
  • Provide friendly software, no matter what program language, just key in the timing,trigger condition and logic level etc, then start the data acquisition.
  • Use binary for logging the code.
PC System Requirement
  • Operating System:Windows 10 / 8 / 7 / Vista / XP ( 32bits & 64bits )


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