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Stand-alone eMMC Gang 8 Programmer/ Duplicator / Cloner
The SU-6808 eMMC programmer is designed to meet eMMC device content programing / duplication / clone / verification/ manufacturing needs with ultrahigh speed 8 bits/50MHz.
SU-6808 emmc programmer features high-performance, standalone operating eMMC device sockets by 1 master source and 8 target sockets supporting. Moreover, it is equipped with user-friendly PC software. That is, it can get the source from, eMMC, SD card and PC.

  • Provide 20×4 LCD and 4 keys for Standalone mode. Just need to select the project file and start programming.
  • User-friendly for Copy and Verification operation.
  • Supports auto-detect function for the wrong insertion and bad connection of pins.
  • Provide Socket Actuator as an option. It makes the operation easy and efficient for the higher throughout and longer socket lifetime.
  • Programming speed is up to 8 bits/50MHz.
  • Model: SU-6808 eMMc Programmer
  • eMMC Programming side: 8
  • eMMC standard: MMCA, Ver 4.1/4.2/4.3/4.4/4.41/4.51
  • Embedded storage device: 32G Bytes solid-state memory
  • Communication: USB 2.0 Hight Speed
  • Display: Main unit: 20×4 LCD with blue back and white character.  
  • Each site: PASS, FAIL LED
  • Key: 4 keys, [↑], [↓], [Esc], [Go]
  • Dimension: 300x210x66mm
  • Weight: 7.8kg (Not included the Socket Actuation System)
  • Power: 90V~260V, 50/60Hz, 25W
PC System Requirements
  • Operation system: Windows 7 / Vista / XP ( 32bits & 64bits )
  • Processor: Pentium 4 and above
  • RAM size: 2 GB RAM and above
  • Hard disk: Main program: 500MB above 
  • Data buffer: 8GB above
  • Communication: USB 2.0 high speed
Standard Accessories
  • Main unit x1
  • USB cable x1
  • CD, included driver & user’s manual x1
  • AC power cable x1
Optional Accessories

     ●  Ball Grid Array Type Adapter:  
SU-68xx-BGA-12×16 , SU-68xx-BGA-12×18
SU-68xx-BGA-14×18 , SU-68xx-BGA-11.5×13
SU-68xx-BGA162-11.5×13 , SU-68xx-BGA162-12×16
     ●  Pogo Pin Type Adapter:   SU-6808-BGA-K , SU-6808-BGA162-K
     ●  Socket Actuator , Press Bar

     ★ Pogo pin type adaptors: Provide 4 kinds of package 11.5×13 , 12×16 , 12×18 , 10x11mm.  
                                           They are changeable. 

 Socket Actuator + Press Bar                 SU-68xx-BGA



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